Totalcar - Magazine - Is an electric camper a good idea?

Totalcar – Magazine – Is an electric camper a good idea?

A Dutch company called Tonke is involved in turning ordinary pickup trucks into mobile homes, the latest model of which is based on the electric Mercedes EQV. According to Mercedes, the range is about 360 kilometers, compressed from a 90 kWh battery, and its maximum charging power is 110 kW, which takes 45 to 10 percent to charge. The Tonke also gives this 360 km, but given the extra weight involved in the conversion, it’s likely less in real conditions.

The Tour EQV is offered in two packages, the biggest difference in equipment and destination between Touring and Adventure. The Touring’s sliding kitchen unit with rail system includes an induction hob, sink and 36-liter cooler, with consumers connected to a 100-amp-hour unit instead of the drive-in battery.

The Adventure-style kitchen block is available as an add-on, but it includes a gas stove and a standard two-seater bench in the back, which converts into a much larger Touringe bed. The Adventure is also unique in that it can be ordered with two extra seats, so instead of hardcore camping, it’s targeting a larger company experience: up to seven people can travel in it.

Given the range, electric trucks may not be ready for camping yet, but in Western Europe, where the charging network is more developed than in Hungary, they are certainly suitable for shorter – or slower – trips with minimal compromises.

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