Totalcar - Magazine - Electric versus petrol pickup: Range test with a towing capacity of 2.5 tons

Totalcar – Magazine – Electric versus petrol pickup: Range test with a towing capacity of 2.5 tons

Towing caravans and mega yachts is not a particular problem for Hungary, but for example. In the camping mania of Germany and the USA, an important consideration is how a car with a multi-ton trailer performs. On YouTube’s Fast Lane Truck channel, they did a head-to-head test where they put a gasoline (6.2 V8) GMC Sierra 1500 Denali against a Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup, and the tow truck was a 2.7-ton ATC Game Challenger Pro . Series It was a caravan.

Fortunately, a range calculator is available on both cars, which can also be calculated using a separate parameter pull. Ford is clearly more interesting here: The original 282 miles (~450 km) distance was reduced to 160 miles (about 257 km) after entering the data; The GMC is about 270 miles as a camper van.

With such a weight, neither car is a champion in consumption, at speeds of 90-110 km / h, Ford loses one percent of its charge per mile (its consumption is 0.7 mph, which if I understand correctly, 88 kWh / 100 km), and GMC consumes an average of 26-30 liters per 100. We probably wouldn’t hide much of a mystery if we said that Lightning doesn’t manage to maintain the expected distance: 60 percent of it has been collected, about a third of the factory range, while the GMC 121 still has miles of fuel remaining.

The result is not surprising, there are hardly any less ideal conditions for an electric car. It is an interesting experiment, although assembling the car more than 10 meters away does not cause interruptions while refueling for a few minutes, the same can cause problems with the electric car charger for 50-60 minutes – especially if the chargers are not on Huge parking lot. For comparison, the GMC’s tank is 24 gallons (90 liters) and the Lightning’s battery pack is 131 kWh, so a gasoline-powered GMC can tow more than twice the mileage of the Lightning.

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