Totalcar - Magazine - BMW introduced the world's largest e-book reader

Totalcar – Magazine – BMW introduced the world’s largest e-book reader

Showcase film, also known as e-paper, has always been a large-scale solution, which BMW has been involved with in its test car.

The solution prevalent in e-book readers has so far appeared primarily on flat panel displays, although it has previously been tried with flexible and simulated paper versions. BMW could also use one copy of this to paint the study car called the iX Flow, the simpler version in black and white.

In this way, iX Flow is not only able to change colors as is We can see it in the previous preview, but also to display different styles. However, the solution can be used not only for decorative purposes: according to the manufacturer, it can also be used to change the absorption of light and, accordingly, the heating properties of the body as a function of external temperature. Setting the color to white in summer can reduce the amount of light that turns into heat on the body, while in winter, black helps capture the energy of the sun’s rays.

Our big advantage over other solutions is that they only consume power when they change color, and not so much. That is why it is conceivable that it will be established in cars at a later time. However, BMW doesn’t promise it yet, but not the other way around: the iX Flow is now nothing more than an amazing study that could effectively draw attention to the BMW booth at CES.

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