Totalcar - Magazine - also helps us buy bigger and bigger cars

Totalcar – Magazine – also helps us buy bigger and bigger cars

According to a recent study, dog breeders have surged in coronavirus lockdowns, and more than a third of those surveyed have replaced their cars with larger ones to make room for the new pet. This trend is having a noticeable impact, dropping the percentage across the UK, with around 280,000 people spending £7,500 plus on car swaps.


Maintenance dogs have special requirements on cars, and owners want to see easy-to-clean surfaces and durable materials in their cars, but the most common feature is the ease of package and accessibility: larger, slimmer dogs sometimes find it difficult to jump to higher SUV thresholds. 43 percent of those surveyed chose a car primarily based on these criteria. On the other hand, preferred body types don’t necessarily reflect consistency: 40 percent would choose an SUV, 23 percent would choose a family hatchback, and only 9 percent would choose the station wagon that was more ideal for keeping dogs.

According to Evan Estrup, who leads the research at CarGurus, a quarter of those surveyed drive their pets several times a week, and a change may be justified for them, as dogs must be provided with the right conditions during the trip: adequate space and safety.


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