Totalcar - Magazine - After 111 years, the British have replaced their car brand

Totalcar – Magazine – After 111 years, the British have replaced their car brand

After September 28, the British car brand used since 1910, GB, disappeared. The UK sticker will already be used on British cars that then head overseas.

The UK leadership has already indicated the relevant UN intention to change, ie abandoning the classification of Great Britain (Great Britain) after 111 years and moving to the classification of the United Kingdom (UK), which is a significant change. international car brands In a fixed type otherwise. Although the reason for the change is not a direct reason to leave the European Union, it coincides with another similar change, which stems from the fact that the stars of the European Union have not been on the license plates of newly issued British cars for some time.

Although there is no concrete explanation for the change, the British press says it is a clear political gesture towards Northern Ireland. This country of barely two million inhabitants is the only part of the United Kingdom that is not located on the British Isles but on the Irish Island, both geographically and politically. Not part of Britain.

Changes around Brexit have caused major tensions in Northern Ireland, and experts say the country could do so. separates from the United Kingdom, and unite with Ireland, which would be a huge blow to England and possibly increase Scotland’s desire for independence as well. After Britain’s name for the island where England, Scotland and Wales are, the British designation does not yet match Northern Ireland, while the United Kingdom is more passive, so this whole shift is likely a gesture towards them, nothing more. .

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