Total Madness: A Mouse With An Integrated SSD!!

Total Madness: A Mouse With An Integrated SSD!!

Your shoe is full of the need to carry an external hard drive in addition to the device and other peripherals. XPG Vault tries to help with that.

The writer of the current lines is also a voracious video player, so he knows very well what duke it is to take the whole collection somewhere as a PC, if the game is not running from home. machine housekeyboard, mouse, monitor, cables, and usually an external hard drive. The wired mouse, called XPG Vault, aims to lighten the amount of mobile devices, so it’s not just your regular task, but additional He is in it too. Significantly, it also includes a 1TB SSD hard drive, enough to keep headlines on it. We should quickly add that the device is not yet available anywhere as it will be revealed at the upcoming CES 2022.

Photo: Techeblog

XPG Vault has a speed of 985MB/s and if the right software is setup our player library can be checked out and up and running smoothly. According to the manufacturer, the XPG Prime Software Ecosystem takes integration to a higher level, whatever that means. As for the name XPG, it may not be familiar, it is worth knowing that it is a subsidiary of ADATA, not a startup in this business. According to the company’s own announcement, the Vault, which will be revealed at CES in early January, is one of the new devices in a series called “Dawn of a New Extreme.”

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