Total Car - Magazine - Workshop PRN: Range Rover Sport TDV6 - 2006.

Total Car – Magazine – Workshop PRN: Range Rover Sport TDV6 – 2006.

You spend a lot on it, but you still love it

24.08.2022. 17:37

Range Rover is the predecessor of luxury SUVs, and they tried to salvage much of its original character for the third generation that was introduced in 2001. This comes from a strange era for Land Rover, when the model was introduced, the entire Rover range was owned by BMW, So it has a lot in common, especially in its electronic details, with early BMWs, but later the manufacturer was taken over from Ford, and for models after the model update, Jaguar we meet with Ford gasoline and diesel engines – the latter has a bad reputation, which is why we called one of them the name Avalon Servicein.

Zoltán has had a long-standing desire for the genre and fell in love with the TDV6 at first sight, which is the smallest diesel in the series, but still produces 190 hp and 440 Nm of torque on the crankshaft. He already knew when he bought this car that it would be expensive not to buy it, but he refuels and serves it enthusiastically, he has already replaced a smoked transmission, and the engine was still the previous owner after the crankshaft was broken. But now he doesn’t have a good voice…

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