Total Car - Magazine - What is Elon Musk looking for in a Volkswagen?

Total Car – Magazine – What is Elon Musk looking for in a Volkswagen?

Volkswagen, emerging from the black smoke of the diesel scandal, is ambitiously moving into the electric future, so it is planned that by 2030, half of the brand’s models will be available with electric drive. This will need to be properly pulled into the next tight decade, as in addition to ID.3 and ID.4, there are still plenty of smaller and larger cars and a lot of development to succeed. If anyone really knows how to build an electric car empire, it’s Elon Musk, so Herbert Diess met the Tesla leader again.

True, now, not because of a short and not straightforward driving experience, Elon Musk also joined a video conference in front of Volkswagen’s decision makers to talk a little bit about the manufacturing and decision-making processes. Such a move presents a mixed picture, especially in the situation in which Deis is rumored to be. A Volkswagen driver is not necessarily particularly popular last statement after, after. And now it may be the opinion of many that involve the head of another company in the affairs of Volkswagen.

According to Elon Musk, Tesla’s success with the engineering approach is that it focuses not just on development but on the entire logistics of it. Dis also highlighted how quickly Tesla responded and switched to the new chip after the chip shortage. Not only for Volkswagen He has plans for a sustainable future But they are also working on the problem of recycling old batteries, for example. By the end of the conversation, Dess agreed that bureaucracy within the company should be reduced so that decisions and therefore improvements could be made more quickly.

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