Total Car - Magazine - Volkswagen will set up a new German factory for electric cars

Total Car – Magazine – Volkswagen will set up a new German factory for electric cars

After the Wolfsburg-based union has demanded new electric cars for the central plant only, it is surprising at least that Volkswagen’s management is talking instead about setting up an entirely new plant not far from the company’s headquarters.

The idea led by Ralf Brandstätter, Volkswagen’s brand leader, is to build a new, ultra-efficient plant near Wolfsburg where electric cars can be made using simplified manufacturing processes, close to Tesla’s mentioned 10-hour production time soon. – Factory opened in Berlin.

On the one hand, this would be a reaction to the problem that Zwickau currently needs 30 hours to produce a VW electric motor, and on the other hand, the brand leader argues that it will be less of a hassle in Wolfsburg to produce conventional models, the Golf and Tiguan. On the other hand, according to Brandstätter, it may be cheaper to build a new plant than to convert existing plants to a completely new production process. It is envisaged that the new plant will be built, designed to produce 250,000 cars annually It was developed under the business name Trinity, Volkswagen This has been reported so far as a Wolfsburg product – a flagship model that will build on the successor to the currently used MEB platform and is set to offer Level 4 autonomy. The genre’s introduction was previously planned for 2026.

Of course, the plan isn’t final yet, even VW’s supervisory board has to approve it, and it’s likely that it’s now only been withdrawn to affect it. The controversy between company management and labor unions. The direction in which this plan may affect the current situation is not yet clear, with the head of the Wolfsburg Workers’ Council just complaining that there is no future electric-powered product planned in Wolfsburg in the near future. However, with this new idea, the introduction of the production of electric cars at the headquarters of Volkswagen will be delayed: the process will begin only in 2027.

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A final decision on the matter is expected in December, at the company’s next supervisory board meeting, when approval of Volkswagen’s investment plans for the next five years will be on the agenda.

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