Total Car - Magazine - The new Mazda 3 has become stylish

Total Car – Magazine – The new Mazda 3 has become stylish

Mazda has embarked on another style change, but it’s questionable whether customers will feel a step back in the world of unadorned, albeit delightfully proportioned, design.

Don’t get me wrong, the new Mazda 3 is really nice – compared to that, the competition still isn’t in the tree line either – and the five-door with a chunky C-pillar is much more interesting, but the former was so stylized that it might look less like it compared to it.

The point is that the edges that were previously dominant have almost completely disappeared – some of them are only used to outline, replaced by large unbroken surfaces. This makes the four-doors in particular clean and elegant – a feature never seen before by a Mazda compact sedan.

At the Los Angeles premiere, the new style was clearly in the spotlight, but new technical solutions were mentioned as well. The most interesting of them is the new Skyactiv-X engine, which basically combines the advantages of gasoline and diesel engines: its standard version has so far been revealed to be two liters, 181 hp and 222 Nm of maximum torque, but with some really interesting details – For example on the expected consumption – the manufacturer is still listening. As for the other engines, it was revealed that a conventional 1.5-liter and 2-liter gasoline engine and 1.8-liter diesel were offered, but the data did not tire the audience here either.

The European premiere of this genre will likely only take place next year, and hopefully, the details will be revealed there as well.

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