Total Car - Magazine - The new flying car will take off

Total Car – Magazine – The new flying car will take off

Although one of the prototypes had crashed earlier, Aeromobile did not give up. They not only want to mass-produce a more perfect version of their previous flying car from 2020, but have developed the idea further.

So far, the company has only experimented with combining the advantages of a car and an airplane, but their latest draft will already be operational. The concept, of course, is very similar to the previous one, which will be produced in a couple of years. The name is the same, only there is a difference in the numbering. The older petrol version that takes off from the race is 4.0, while the machine that can take off from the ground is 5.0 VTOL.

The concept is similar anyway: the 5.0 Aeromobil also folds its wings behind the cabin, the only difference being that there are two propellers here at the end of the wings. This will lift the vehicle into the air for each drone, which will actually be powered by battery-powered electric motors.

The ability to take off from the spot, the small wings and the electric motor, of course, raise a lot of questions. For example, how far this car can cut between two charges, or what keeps it in the air if the battery is discharged. But there is still plenty of time to answer these questions, as development of the 5.0 is just beginning, and Aeromobil also estimates that it will take seven to ten years to reach production.

The introduction of mass-produced Aeromobil 4.0 is, of course, a priority: if all goes according to plan, the first copies will be with their owners by 2020. The development of 5.0 on a substantive basis can begin only after the company’s financial background is reassured.

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