Total Car - Magazine - The electric successor of the old conveyor was introduced

Total Car – Magazine – The electric successor of the old conveyor was introduced

The Volkswagen minibus has risen to iconic status over the decades, in better shape T1And the T2Nowadays change hands of property, but already T3It also started to be a cult. Volkswagen and fans have always been preparing for a real successor, and the brand has already tested the public with several concepts, but the electric shift made the opportunity to offer a completely different type of tanker than the usual.

In the case of ID.Buzz, the focus is on sustainability, communication, and zero local emissions. Of course, remote updates will be available, the car will be able to communicate with other road users and the infrastructure, Travel Assist and Car2X solutions will warn you of dangers on the road, but you will also be able to drive semi-autonomously or change lanes automatically.

The floorboard of the car includes a usable 77 kWh battery pack powered by a 150 kW (201 hp) electric motor, which, like its predecessors, drives the rear wheels. The car charges 11 kW at AC, while Volkswagen writes at a maximum of 170 kW at DC, which means half an hour of charging from 5 percent to 80 percent. ID.Buzz’s novelty is Plug & Charge, which means you won’t need a separate app/card/token for compatible chargers, the car software will handle the authentication, and charging can start. It is also related to the fact that two-way charging is possible, so the car can also function as part of the home electrical network.

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Two versions are being made, a passenger car and a small utility vehicle, the latter called ID.Buzz Cargo. Both versions have a wheelbase of 2,988 mm, roughly the same as the current T6.1, but their overall length is twenty inches (4,712 mm) shorter. This will make it easier to maneuver with them, and their turning circle is no larger than that of a modern golf course, which is 11 meters in height. Its height is 1937/1938 mm and its width is 1985 mm.

Standard identifier. While the cargo area in the cargo version is 3.9 cubic meters, it can accommodate two standard pallets. For an internal load capacity of 600 kg, an additional 100 kg can be loaded onto the roof. The goods will be available in many configurations according to customers’ needs: the tailgate can be double-hinged or single-hinged; There may be one door or two side doors; The first seats can also be ordered in a 1 + 1 or 1 + 2 configuration. Optionally, an additional 45 cm of space can be requested under the passenger seat, allowing a total load of 2.65 meters that fits into the luggage compartment.

Volkswagen also prides itself on a drag coefficient that hovers around 0.285 to 0.29, and the design derives naturally from the T1. The first pieces may reach European markets in the fall; A longer wheelbase version will be produced soon after; The RV is expected to be released in 2025, but it has not been discussed whether this will reach us. Full Video Premiere (Bonus with Ewan McGregor) You can find it hereHere is a short film about T3 from Rust Heap:

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