Total Car - Magazine - showcased a new hydrogen-electric car called Renault Scenic

Total Car – Magazine – showcased a new hydrogen-electric car called Renault Scenic

The news came in those days Renault stops production of the scenic minivan, but the name appears to be recycled. This is indicated at least by the introduction of the company’s latest electric-powered study vehicle under the name Vision Scenic.

However, the familiar name means something very different than ever before: the Vision Scenic is a type of high-rise but low-body car like Megane E-tech Electric, only a much larger number. In addition, the wheelbase of 4.49 meters and 2,835 meters is not only reminiscent of Megane’s electric car in nature, but it also has eerily similar elements to its drive. That’s the 40 kWh Li-ion battery – which is the case with the cheaper version of the E-tech Electric – and the 218-hp electric motor, which in turn might be familiar from the more expensive electric Méganes.

This combination may seem a little small for the Vision Scenic, but in addition to the electric motor, a 16 kW fuel cell was also installed, increasing the available range to 800 km.

According to Renault, the carbon footprint of a fuel cell hybrid propulsion system can be up to a quarter of that of a purely electric vehicle of the same range, of course when used with so-called green hydrogen produced from renewable energy.

According to the manufacturers, the Vision Scenic’s exterior – which has sharper angular features compared to the current Renault style – is a flagship of a new family model to be completed by 2024. However, it is not clear whether it will also feature a hydrogen-powered range or a battery-powered electric motor. Just.

It is also questionable whether solutions such as side-facing side doors, a seated airbag system, or an aircraft-style steering wheel will go into serial production. Such solutions usually disappear at the latest at the stage of cost optimization development and, depending on their form and nature, it can be expected that the electric Scénice series will be intended for a wider audience and not an expensive model of a small series.

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