Total Car - Magazine - Polestar 6 will be a stylish sports car with 886 hp

Total Car – Magazine – Polestar 6 will be a stylish sports car with 886 hp

in March Foot The O2 study car (you can see it in the pictures) is a Polestar, and in July CEO Thomas Ingenlath actually spoke about the fact that However, he would like to see it as a serial model very. At that time, the director of the company said that a decision on this would be made only later – it seems that the moment has come now.

Autocar reports that a production version of the O2 concept could be ready by 2026, and it will only be the Polestar 6. A convertible hardtop sports car It shares the adhesive aluminum chassis with Polestar 5 on its elements. The special feature of this is that it brings the rigors typical of sports cars with a small crowd of cars.

The drive system will also have a system voltage of 800 volts, and the combined output of the two electric motors is expected to be approximately 886 horsepower. Perhaps this is the result of a more powerful rear engine and a more modest front engine, so you will not have to do without all-wheel drive. Acceleration from 0-100 takes about 3.2 seconds, and the maximum speed is 250 km / h.

We still have to wait for the full presentation and with it detailed specifications, the final Polestar 6 could be ready by 2026. True, you can already pre-order it in the US, then deposit about 25 thousand dollars, that is, 10 million forints. The fastest will be available in a limited edition called LA Concept.

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