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Total Car - Magazine - New electric Nissan coming from England

Total Car – Magazine – New electric Nissan coming from England

The fate of the Nissan plant in Sunderland over Brexit has been seriously called into question, but it appears that the Japanese manufacturer will stick to its 35-year-old British base and even make significant improvements.

They plan to spend around £1 billion developing the site, which will include setting up another battery plant with China’s Envision AESC and developing production capacity for electric vehicles.

The goal will be to produce hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles annually, which Nissan can supply primarily for the British and European markets. In this context, photos of another electric model have also been shown: the five-door car appears to be a kind of crossover between SUVs and cars, and although no specific details have been mentioned so far, the British press has speculated that it may be cheaper. from Arya.

Nissan’s development in Sunderland also means new jobs for the region: In addition to the approximately 6,200 people currently employed, Nissan plans to hire 900 new employees and Envision AESC 750 new employees. No wonder these developments are also supported by Sunderland City Council: a solar farm and a 1 MW battery plant will be built with Nissan to power the plant.

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