Total Car - Magazine - Hugely Desirable Terrain Porsche was built by Singer

Total Car – Magazine – Hugely Desirable Terrain Porsche was built by Singer

Singer called the Off-Road Porsche ACS, which built it on the foundations of the 911 (964) built between 1989 and 1994, with an air-cooled turbocharged engine.

The ultra-sleek machine name stands for the All-Terrain Competition Study, although that’s not entirely accurate by definition: Singer didn’t build the cars as a study – white is an off-road version and the red is designed for use on asphalt – but it’s unique. By order to sell.

Like other singers, this is a flawless exercise: a Porsche 953 S The 911 off-road version that won the Dakar in 1984 – and the Dakar winner in 1986 959 is It updates its style with larger wheels, a well-integrated rear spoiler and, of course, the technical solutions needed for off-road driving, such as the off-road suspension with dual shock absorbers.

Of course, FIA monolithic tubing and modern racing seats have been added to the machine, but part of the drivetrain – which is also a Singer tradition – is clearly outdated. The air-cooled 3.6-liter six-cylinder box produced 450 hp, making it more powerful than the original 959, although they say performance can be increased as needed if needed.

It is not yet known if the two existing copies of ACS will subsequently appear in some kind of competition, nor is it clear whether Singer plans to build more copies. On the one hand, it has proven once again that less than just a Porsche tailor in California feels more about how to present the most beautiful of classic shapes in a modern look.

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