Total Car - Magazine - General Motors sues Ford

Total Car – Magazine – General Motors sues Ford

GM said Ford should not offer its driving assistance system under the BlueCruise name, because the name is too similar to GM’s Super Cruise. They do not seem to be able to convince the neighbor peacefully, so they take the matter to court.

General Motors claims that the Super Cruise name has been in use since 2012 and the system has been available for purchase for their vehicles since 2017. Additionally, it is a co-owner. To a company called Cruise Which deals with the development of fully autonomous vehicles. And Ford’s relatively new system has nothing to do with these things, and in fact, GM says the BlueCruise is much more primitive than the Super Cruise, so it might be appropriate for the latter to expire.

However, Ford argues that the cruise control systems known in Hungary as cruise control were introduced by all manufacturers under the name Cruise Control in all US brands, which is why the term cruise cannot be mastered.

The dispute may be uncomfortable for Ford in particular, with the F-150 and Mustang Mach-E slated to introduce the BlueCruise system in the coming months, but that may not happen as long as the dispute continues.

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