Total Car - magazine - Canadian supercar goes into production

Total Car – magazine – Canadian supercar goes into production

Canadian company Dubuc Motors lit the super electric Tomahawk exactly two days ago. Developments have not stopped since then, they have reached the point where they can introduce the device soon.

It is promised that the all-electric sports car will be able to handle around 800 hp and 1,355 Nm. What is really surprising is that they talk about zero hundred for about two seconds, making it the most agile car in production. That sounds pretty bold, with Tesla currently around 2.38, but of course the possibility shouldn’t be ruled out in advance. The Tomahawk derives its power from a 100 kWh battery pack anyway, and is said to have a range of nearly 600 km.

The Dubuc sports car is roughly the same size as the Lamborghini Aventador. At 4,775 mm in length and 2,032 mm in width, it is barely smaller in size, while it weighs 1928 kilograms. 50-50 percent weight distribution depending on the factories.

The Canadians will move on from the prototype stage by next year and enter production tomahawks, but there is a slight beauty flaw. They have their own financial constraints so they try to raise the necessary sums through community funding, and of course they are also looking for an investor.

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