Total Car - Magazine - Aston Martin Valhalla is a hybrid super sports car with 950 horsepower

Total Car – Magazine – Aston Martin Valhalla is a hybrid super sports car with 950 horsepower

That’s pretty crazy at Aston Martin, as everyone else builds a purely electric sports car, the ex-manufacturers have never beaten the world already hearing the coffins of internal combustion engines, while in Gaydon there was a bit of a hybrid, but more. A V8 Valhalla.

This is the first-ever mid-engine Aston Martin, which will open a whole new era for the elegant English brand. As Aston Martin has had a lot of great racing successes, and now in Formula 1 there is a good name, but James Bond is always the saver of the world. Classic Grants I know cars. On the other hand, the Valhalla is a solid sports car, the interior of which is still not visible, but the final design and technical data are already there.

Its pot is built on a single piece of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and made entirely of a very light material, so its dry weight is 1,550 kg. Everything is very clean and sculpted, but filled with active aerodynamic elements, which produce a pulling force of 600 kg at a speed of 240 km / h.

Its suspension is pushed like a race car and has adaptive shock absorbers as well as height-adjustable so you can lift your nose up against riders. In track mode, it allows itself to get closer to the asphalt in order for the aerodynamics to work better. The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, developed specifically for Valhalla, are equipped with 20-inch front and 21-inch rear rims and carbon-ceramic brakes, which are wire brakes and therefore electrically assisted.

The 4.0L Bi-Turbo V8 is an engine from AMG It reaches and roars 750 horsepower at 7,200 revs, along with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission designed and built for the Aston Martin. Its differential is electronically controlled. This sounds really good, but Valhalla is not a hybrid that burns gasoline and rubber.

But it also has a 400-volt hybrid system and an electric motor for each axle that pumps another 204 horsepower into the joint. The first of them drives the car in all-electric mode at speeds up to 130 km / h, but it does not take long for a silent skid because it has a range of 15 km.

With full firepower – that’s 950 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque – the Valhalla would disable a 100 sprint in 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 330 km/h. Aston Martin chased the prototype on Nordschleife, promising a lap time of 6 minutes 30 seconds.

LED matrix headlights will provide the light, and there will also be adaptive cruise control and dead space monitoring in the Valhalla, but the interior has been revealed to be more spacious and usable than the cabin of the Aston Martin Valkyrie. With dual-zone air conditioning, a modern on-board system, an adjustable steering wheel for fixed seats and of course, premium leather.

Aston Martin seems to have fallen into Norse mythology, whose world is a huge ash tree, Yggdrasil. He arrives from the underworld at Asgard, the abode of the gods, which can be approached by crossing a rainbow bridge called Biffrost. There is also Valhalla, the place where the souls of warriors killed in battle gather and prepare for the battle at the end of the world, Ragnar.

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