Torn wounds: Karoly Giztice shocked his relatives with what happened

Torn wounds: Karoly Giztice shocked his relatives with what happened

Nobody understands: Friends and family of Caroli Gestessy were surprised for a moment by what happened.

Although the year of mourning was over, his loved ones and friends could not bear the death of Karoly Giztice, who died at the age of 57. But in recent days they went through yet another trauma:

The actor’s name has appeared on his mobile device, indicating that he has been active again in a popular chat app.

“Several people spoke, and we saw that his number was somehow active again.” We do not know how this could happen, and although I did not care about your phone, I know for sure that Papica’s number does not belong to anyone else because we did not return it. ” Porcelain The actor’s second son, Mark, who feels that what has happened has opened a wound that has not yet healed due to the death of his father.

Photo: Zsolt Zih / MTVA

One of his best friends, Karoly Giztice, Peter Hajdu, was also shook when his actor friend’s name appeared on his cellphone again a year later.

It reached my heart instantly when I saw the name Karcsi on screen. Chest cut and shocked for a moment,

But then I changed that the provider might have reissued the number and now it’s another person, maybe a family member, and started using it, ”said the presenter, who betrayed him so much as he thought of his lost friend. When you hear your voice in a movie, you experience joy and sadness in Same time …

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The actor had a heart attack while driving last January. Realizing the problem, he stood aside, but in vain help came within minutes, and the paramedics were unable to resuscitate him.

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