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Top ten places for sunbathing in Budapest

Top ten places for sunbathing in Budapest

Spring and summer are here, when we can still get some colors for the real beach season in nice weather. As I stood in my swimsuit in the Danube before Easter and listened to the noise of the Esztergom zoning officer, I thought about where in Budapest I could sunbathe. So I looked for ten places beyond Margatesgate.

Moscow Park

Opposite Margitsziget, on the Pest side, you can find the renovated Angyalföldi promenade on the map under the name Rakpart chill beach. The advantage of the Pest side is that you can tan even in the late afternoon. There are no sunbeds right next to the beach, and the view from the top is also impressive, but the green surroundings and shade can only be found on the other side, in Margitsziget.

Marina Beach / Nepzigit

Most people won't head to a residential area when they go to the beach, but Marina Beach is an exceptional place in the city. To the south, we can enjoy the Rakos estuary, and to the north, the Nepszigit River. Adjacent to the luxury residential park, not only locals can enjoy sunbathing and picnics, but still a few people discover that the area is also suitable for this. It's not worth planning big card parties here, the coastal section is the wind tunnel of Budapest.

City park

Napozórét is not the most famous part of Városliget, but it is worth lying on the grass for a few hours between two programs. In addition to the Széchenyi Zoo and Spa, there is also an artificial turf football field, a basketball court, a fitness park and a dog adventure park at various points in the park.

Photo: Marton Meares/Énbudapestem/42. Hungarian press photo contest

Jin Haining Kuai

Along the stretch of coast between the Chain Bridge and Elizabeth Bridge, no one would be offended if we ditched our shirts on a summer's day. Thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality and the City and Rivers Association (Valyo), we can also freely walk, have a picnic, do yoga or just sunbathe on the road on weekends.

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Molnar Island

Quiet and familiar suburban island on the branch of the Danube in Rakvi. The piers are perfect for sunbathing all day, but you can get more out of most parts of the beach with a little effort. Its drawback is also its advantage: here you can definitely avoid the crowds and enjoy the closeness to nature. In the center of the island there is also a huge indoor stadium called Tündérkert with water games and a football field.

Kobashi Dam

One of the city's most popular rest areas has undergone a complete renovation since the mid-2000s, and with the BudaPart project, it has been given new life. For a more relaxed walk, it is worth going to the end of the peninsula, where there are restaurants, cafes and pastry shops. In the inner part of the bay we find the closed sandy beach called Shaw Beach, and around it you can lie on the grass in a huge green area.

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Photo: Budapart – Kubasze Dam/Facebook

Submerged coast

Colorful wooden sunbeds and custom fire pits await beachgoers on Valyo's section of Újbuda Beach. Budapest's first composting toilet was also put into operation here, but in March I could no longer find the unique shade chair there. The only drawback of the place is that the dam and the existing buildings next to it can block the sun's rays in the late afternoon, so it is best to visit it in the early hours and midday.

Bottomless lake

The green heart of Ogboda, where a record-breaking running track, a fitness park, and an animal world noticeably more colorful than in the city center await sunbathers. Although the lake is not bottomless, you cannot swim in it, but the proximity of the water creates a pleasant atmosphere. It's easy to find a conservation area, which makes hiking easier, and the Újbuda Park Stage is also located nearby.

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Shipyard Island

This year's beach season has started here. The pebbly beach slowly deepens, and you can also try swimming in the Danube in shorts. On the other hand, the northern tip of the island lies low, so that when the Danube is a little flooded, you have to find somewhere else to recharge your batteries. During low tide, you can find several designated fire pits, one of the best in the city, near Szigetcúcs.

Sports park
Photo: The main garden

Roman coast

Budapest's largest free beach is also worth a visit outside the high season. Restaurants, bistros and ice cream shops surround the pebbly beach, where you can swim up to your neck in the Danube. Like Arastu Beach, the other beach in Buda is bordered by a high bridge and buildings, so you can continue relaxing in the shade from late afternoon.

(Featured image: Marton Merez/Inpodapstem/ARC)

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