Top five places in Italy for sightseeing or an extended vacation

Our list includes many tourist attractions and cities in Italy, so everyone can find something to their liking. Whether you are traveling with family, alone, with friends or with a significant other, visiting Italy will be an exciting and unforgettable adventure. He knew it was Can you plan a city visit or a longer vacation without overpaying with your travel planning platform? Because Italy is an ideal destination for both travel alternatives. Which one do you vote for?

1. Venice – a city on the water

Venice is one of the most popular destinations in Italy. It is a unique city because it is built on a beautiful lake surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. Located in northeastern Italy, Venice is an archipelago of 118 islands connected by hundreds of beautiful bridges and picturesque canals. The most famous of them is the Grand Canal, which divides the city into two parts. Picturesque waterways and historic architecture make Venice one of the most romantic cities in the world. It’s a great destination for a city break with your loved one, but there’s one important thing to keep in mind: avoid popular travel dates like long weekends – travel two to three days earlier or later to save a lot of money. In the Deals section of you will find cheap flights to Venice.

2. Sicily – holiday island

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, located right at the southern tip of Italy, in the narrow Strait of Messina. It is often referred to as the best holiday destination in Italy. Due to its location, it has long served as a crossroads to the sea, so it is very different from the rest of the country in terms of history, culture, and cuisine. This ensures that tourists have a great experience when visiting local restaurants. On, in the offers section, you can also find cheap air tickets to Sicily.

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3. Naples – a wonderful city

One of the busiest cities in the country, Naples is the capital of the Campania region in southern Italy. Being close to famous places such as the Gulf of Naples and Pompeii, it is an ideal base for exploring the region. Naples is home to one of the largest historical centers in the world. A wealth of monuments, Baroque churches, and Roman ruins await guests, providing a never-ending feast for history and art lovers. An absolute 10 point destination for visiting the city. You can buy a cheap flight ticket to Naples in the offers section of

4. Sardinia – Paradise Island

Traveling on emerald seas, iconic coves and white sandy beaches, this is Sardinia. The island is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, and it is mainly a mountainous area without high peaks and an amazingly picturesque natural environment. The island is famous for its enchanting coastline – Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast), with the town of Porto Cervo a jewel that combines the history and culture of ancient traditions with the joy of a colorful nightlife. Best for celebrating. In the Deals section you can find cheap flights to Sardinia.

5. Bari – perfect for all seasons

Bari is the capital of Puglia. It is a relatively large city, but so small that you can walk around the entire “tourist” part. A one day trip will not be enough, so plan your hometown visit here for at least two days! And if you fall in love, which is a chance, then either stay longer or repeat the trip as soon as possible. Anyway, once we’re together like this, we’ll tell you a secret: be flexible about your flight interval. Prices for the same destinations often vary depending on the exact date, so always use the “Flights for Close Dates” option on the website.

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