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Top 6: Here are the best destinations in Europe for fall

Top 6: Here are the best destinations in Europe for fall

09/08/2023 at 2:30 pm


Nice weather, fewer tourists, and even prices are often more favorable. If you can’t relax in the summer, a trip in September or October might be a very good idea. These six places are particularly good options.

There are many advantages if you get out to see the world in the off-season in the fall. The most popular places are not as crowded as in the summer months, and in addition, compared to high season prices, low season costs are often more favorable. The weather is generally more tolerable than extreme heat. So, if you feel that you still have the opportunity and time, do not hesitate for a long time: an autumn trip can significantly improve your health. In Europe, there are many excellent opportunities for this.

In most southern European countries, it is pleasantly warm even in late summer and autumn. At the same time, it is no longer as unbearable as it was a few months ago, that is, we can actively program even in the afternoon hours. At the same time, the sea temperature is very pleasant in September, and in some places even in October – so you can plan to go to the beach. But which places are the best options among the countless places in Europe?

Now we show you our tips!

In pictures: Here are the 6 most beautiful destinations in the fall season!

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