Top 5 TV Series Returns of 2017

It’s the new year and I know we’re all anticipating the return of some of our favorite shows. Below I have listed my top five most anticipated premieres. (In no particular order).

1. Pretty Little Liars

I have been a fan of Pretty Little Liars since the premiere date back in 2010. When I say that is one of the best tv shows on television I’m so serious. It’s been seven long seasons and to know that when season 7b premieres it will be the last season ever breaks my heart. For all of my PLL fans y’all know we’ve been through it with that show from finding out who “A” was or wasn’t for that matter. I’m just hoping it eventually becomes a movie or they have a reunion 10 years from, now, but either way April 18, 2017 my eyes will be glued to the television. And for all of my non-PLL viewers you still have time to binge watch on Netflix. You won’t regret it.

2. Power

Season four where you at? The way they left us hanging with the ending of season three they know we’re starving for more. Where is Keisha? That’s the biggest question of them all. We haven’t seen Keisha since Tommy went in her beauty shop. I hope she isn’t dead, but hopefully she’ll make a return in season four. Then there was Kanan. I know we all hoped he would’ve burned in that fire, but no he’s still around to wreck havoc and kidnap peoples kids for ransom. Just awful, but this 2017 summer premier is highly anticipated.

3. Insecure

Now child this is the guide to the black girls life and it definitely made me fall in love. It was only season one, so I know the best is yet to come and season one was pretty awesome. It truly depicts how a black girl lives and what they go through. Finally we have a show that isn’t afraid to say what we’re all thinking and it’s about time. Issa Rae is doing her thing and I hope it’s around for seasons to come, but chile let’s talk about that season finale. Lawrence I can’t believe you, lol. Out of all the people he had to choose Tasha. That’s like dating the person they told you not to worry about when y’all were together. Just terrible, but I can’t be mad at him. She deserved it, but two wrongs don’t make it right. Will Lawrence and Issa get back together? Come fall 2017 we will see.

4. Orange Is The New Black (Netflix)

Netflix, you got a hit with this one. I’m a late comer to this show, but now that I’ve caught up I’m addicted. I had to binge watch three seasons, yet it was all worth it. Now I’m addicted and can’t wait for season five to premier in June 2017. Although Poussey is gone and I have to admit that episode made me tear up as it was a mere reflection of our reality in today’s society being an African American. I think that’s what I like so much about the show, it’s real. Although I’ve never been to jail, I know the things show on OITNB really happen. I’m ready for the premier and based on how season four ended I know it won’t be disappointing.

5. Being Mary Jane

Ahhh, Mary Jane Paul it just sounds refreshing. Season four is almost here as it premieres January 2017 and it’s set in New York City baby. Yes, that’s right Mary Jane is taking her talents to NYC and y’all know she always has a “cuddly buddy.” It’s rumored that Michael Ealy is set to play her love interest. Okay, scream! Are you done? I’m excited too. I can’t wait cause that man is fine. After all that has happen with the previous seasons I just see this season being like none of the others. Mara Brock Akil thank you for this show.


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