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Top 5 Series That First Aired on Netflix

Top 5 Series That First Aired on Netflix

Streaming providers don't let us get bored in the summer either. Among the new Netflix releases in July, everyone can find a series for themselves. In the top 5, we can also find a sports series, a story about a twin pregnancy, and a surprising story of a sperm donor, but we can also choose from lighter topics. Barbecue is very popular in the summer, and Netflix's premiere includes a series about barbecue.

In the third season of the Netflix series, we can once again feel like we're among rappers. Photo: themoviedb

Top 5 Must-Watch Netflix Series

Bridgerton may still be the loudest, but if we're tired of the costume drama, we'll show you the new series Netflix has to offer.

5. desperate lies (Desperate Lies) – Season 1

As a result of a rare phenomenon, a woman learns that she is pregnant with twins from two men. Over time, she does everything to unite her family and keep her secret. The streaming giant promises a dark and emotional drama, as is typical of Brazilian soap operas. This choice could also be interesting from a language learning point of view, if it is shown in the original language.

4. On the Beat – New Generation (Rhythm + Flow France) – Season 3

French rappers compete, write and compete freely for the €100,000 grand prize in a music competition series judged by Niska, Shay and SCH. With this premiere of the series, you can also practice a language: French.

3. barbecue battle (BBQ Showdown) – Season 3

Outdoor barbecue masters compete for the title of barbecue champion in a fierce but friendly battle. The love of barbecue and the encounter of the live series bring a real summer theme. There is a lot of handheld camera shots, and in terms of its style we can expect something similar to a kitchen chef.

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2. The man of a thousand children (The Man with a Thousand Children) – Season 1

In the age of the bottle show, this series presents a particularly frightening subject. What if the sperm donor isn’t what we imagined? In the new Netflix series, a group of families learn that the charismatic man they trust could be the sperm donor for hundreds, if not thousands, of other children around the world.

1. Sprint (Sprint) – Season 1

You can follow athletes from around the world and immerse yourself in the minds of elite athletes who train to become the fastest man in the world. The series provides an insider's view of the high stakes and mental toughness of runners.

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