Top 5 Networking Tips To Use During Your Internship


Your ability to network effectively can make all of the difference in you getting the job after graduation or not. It would behoove you to take advantage of every internship by creating a “network” of individuals.  We’ve all heard the saying  “It’s not what you know but who you know.” Truth is, one day it may be what you know and the next who you know. That’s why you have to plan and prepare for the career you want now. When you graduate you will either tell “them” what job you want, where you want to live, and what you want to make or they will tell you.

Read through and implement our Top 5 Networking Tips to use while interning.

1. Network with fellow interns

First reach out to your fellow interns, they are just as green as you. If your co-workers are in your field there is a high probability that you will run into them again in the future or you might see them at an organizational meeting one day. Either way, use this time to build a strong network, identify common threads, and exchange stories & experiences.

2. Make it your mission to standout

Most Interns complete an end of the summer presentation, where they identify their accomplishments as well as what skills they have gained. Start preparing to wow them on day one. Take advantage of all work events try to meet new people. Walk right up to them with your hand extended and confidently introduce yourself.

3. Find a mentor

Most entrepreneurs and millionaires have mentors. Why? Because a mentor possesses the wisdom only experience can provide. These relationships may come about formally or informally. Some companies have formal mentoring programs.  More often, informal relationships come about, once you find someone you want to mentor you, ask them and show them you are an investment .  If you are entering a new field, it could be worth becoming a member of a professional group most offer mentor programs.

4. This is not the time to be anti-social

If you are part emo, time to let that go. Your goal at this internship is to gain as much experience as possible, so that experience can then be placed onto your resume. Push yourself to step out of your comfort zone, socialize, and make professional friends.

5. Stay in touch

Stay in touch with your peers, mentor, and even boss. Social media has made it very easy for us all to stay connected. Get their Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ information. Once you connect sporadically congratulate them on accomplishments and changes in their life. Beware of what form of social media you choose to use to connect with past employers because they can see your personal information as well.

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