Tondi Szabo: We still want to organize large-scale international and local competitions

Tondi Szabo: We still want to organize large-scale international and local competitions

“This year we have hosted four World Championships qualifying for the Olympics, which have received a very good response and have been praised by international federations everywhere,” the foreign minister said at a press conference at the Human Resources Department on Wednesday.

Regarding the details, Tond Szabo noted that in April, after seventy years, Budapest once again hosted the World Table Tennis Championships, which were followed by hundreds of millions around the world, and according to the president of the International Federation, Hungary was again in the world map.

In connection with the Hungarian Fencing World Championships in July, Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, was quoted as saying that “Budapest has now become one of the most important sporting capitals in the world.” Thanks to the developments, the World Kayak Championships were held in Szeged in August on the Maty-éri track, which is one of the best and most modern in the world, Tünde Szabó added

At the beginning of September, in the renovated Treasure Garden, it was highlighted that the World Cup had been selected as the competition of the year by the World Sports Federation.

“We want to continue to hold large-scale global local competitions, because of their number of positive benefits,” said the foreign minister, noting the effects of the events on the economy, tourism, the image of the country, the city and society. and culture.

“Not only do we win the right to host global events, but we organize them to unparalleled standards so that those who come to Hungary are happy to come back to Hungary later, either with friends or family members,” he said, adding that more than a hundred global events this year are among the Among other things, they have supported the organization of the Junior Swimming Championships, the Women’s European Volleyball Championship and the Women’s Football Champions League Final.

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Tünde Szabó also stated that the government treats sports as a key strategic sector and supports the development of health of young people and families by following a conscious and well-thought-out path. To this end, it seeks to provide modern sports facilities that can be used safely, as the goal is for all children to exercise.

“The government also pays special attention to supporting youth education, which is run through professional programmes. Support for visual team sports began in 2011, and in 2013 a program for the development of 16 priority sports, thanks to which the Hungarian national teams chose the world. And achieved impressive results in all Sports almost in European Championships and other international competitions”, said the Minister of State for Sports.

According to Tünde Szabó, these demonstrate the effectiveness of Hungarian youth education, which is also the basis of Hungarian sport. He added that this route will lead to Tokyo and then to Paris in 2024, providing a stable and predictable backdrop for this, and he believes the results of the work can already be seen.


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