Tom Selleck and his beautiful wife: Magnum's heart has been happily married for 35 years - World Star

Tom Selleck and his beautiful wife: Magnum’s heart has been happily married for 35 years – World Star

Tom Selleck She was thirty-five years old when she got into the series called Magnum, during which millions of women were excited about the charming star, whose love for life also appeared in the series.

Actress Jelly Mac was introduced to London in the ’80s and hasn’t broken up since, according to Selleck’s recent interview with Closer Weekly Grant.

Tom Selleck and his wife

The actress had been married before before she met her great love, and between 1971 and 1982 she was the husband of model and actress Jacqueline Ray. He met Jelly Mack two years after her divorce, and Selleck was shooting for Lassiter in London.

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While filming the scenes, he also explored the city and decided one day to see cats in the theater. The play featured my jelly, which she immediately captured with her beauty. Selleck decided to invite her to dinner, and the date went well, so they started walking. The British-born actress’ contract in theater just expired, so she decided to move to Hawaii with Selleck, where Magnum episodes were filmed. He later appeared in several episodes.

He appeared for the first time in Part 14 of the fourth season and then played a role in Part 13 of the fifth season. After years of walking around, they secretly married in 1987, and by their pull, they totally surprised the media and fans. Their daughter Hana was born a year later.

That same year, they bought a 26-acre lot in Ventura where they settled together. Selleck then decided to move out of Magnum to make more time for his family and give his little girl a normal, normal childhood.

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He admits that they and his wife still make a great couple.


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“I don’t think the love phase lasts forever in a relationship, but it can develop into something. He explained that the relationship simply becomes more fulfilling as you shape into real partners.”

Selleck loves being on his family’s property, and he doesn’t like going out on them. In his spare time, he spends a lot of time with his wife, like any couple, photographing and having dinner together, walking their dogs together. They sow and border, they have never been happy.

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