Tokyo 2020: The US didn't have Australia, but it moved

Tokyo 2020: The US didn’t have Australia, but it moved

The United States played a goalless draw with Australia, while Sweden beat New Zealand 2-0 in the final round of the group stage of the women’s soccer tournament at the Tokyo Olympics.

The US national team was unable to win the women’s soccer group stage (Image: AFP)

The Americans in the first match 3–0 rip off from the swedes, Then New Zealand against already 6-1 re they won. Then in the last round of the group stage Australia took the field against United States of America, In the meeting, both teams developed many positions, but no goals were scored (0–0). With a better goal difference, the American team advanced to second place.

At another meeting of Group A Swedishk easily, 2–0 they won New Zealand Eileen.

Tokyo 2020
Women’s soccer, group, third round
G . group
United States and Australia 0-0
New Zealand-Sweden 0-2 (0-2)
Group G end result:
1. Sweden 9 points 2. United States 4 points (6-4) 3. Australia 4 points (4-5) 4. New Zealand 0 points
Progressing: Sweden, United States
You can progress to the third best: Australia

electronic group

13.00: Chile Japan
13.00: Canada and Great Britain
F . group
13.30: Brazil – Zambia
13.30: Holland and China

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