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Tokyo 2020: The number of Australians in rowing finals doubles

Six rowing team finals were held on Wednesday morning at the Tokyo Olympics. Only the Australians managed to double, but the Romanian, Dutch, French and Chinese also won gold medals.

In the first finals of the day My husband is female Measuring their strength, finally Romanian Nicoletta-Ankota Bodnar and Simona Radis can rejoice after winning their first gold medal in Tokyo against New Zealand and the Netherlands.

a in men The fate of the gold medal was decided in a major battle, in which the French were a tenth of a second ahead of the Dutch. My bronze medal in this case went to China.

a In the female foursome Australia won with a starting goal, although the Dutch did. The latter had already won his third medal in the three finals so far, while the Irish could stand a third class of the podium.

After a few minutes men Even after the final, the Australians could rejoice, even though they were eventually pressured by both the Romanians and the Italians, while the Britons, who finished second for most of the distance, eventually got tired and fell off the podium.

In the fifth final, the ice was also broken for the Dutch: after two silver and one bronze, he was Men in four pairs They won gold medals. In the first half of the distance, the leading Britons took second place and the Australians in third.

In the rowing final today, it was four females The Chinese concluded the lead with a convincing edge, defeating the silver and bronze medalists Poles over the Australians by more than six seconds.

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Tokyo 2020
Rowing, two women
1. Romania (Nicoleta-Ankota Bodnar, Simona Radice) 6:41.03 min
2. New Zealand +3.79 seconds
3. Netherlands +4.70.40
4 – Lithuania +
5. United States +11.95,500,000
6. Canada +12.16.37

two men
1. France (Hugo Boucheron, Mathieu Androdias) 6: 00.33 min
2. Netherlands +0.20 seconds
3. China +3.30
4. Great Britain +6.15
5. Switzerland +8.72.007
6. Poland +8.84

four women
1. Australia 6:15.37 minutes
2. Netherlands +0.34 seconds
3. Ireland +5.09.2019
4. Great Britain +6.15
5. China +9.76
6. Poland +

four men
1. Australia 5:42.76 min
2. Romania +0.37 seconds
3. Italy +0.84
4. Great Britain +3.02.2020
5. United States +6.09.2019
6. Netherlands +8.05

Four pairs of men
1. Holland 5:32.03 min
2. Great Britain +1.72sec
3. Australia +1.94.40
4. Poland +
5. Italy +5.26.26
6- Estonia +6.55.65

four women
1. China 6:15.13 min
2. Poland +6.23 seconds
3. Australia +6.95
4. Italy +8.20
5. Germany +
6. Netherlands +10.62.62

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