Tokyo 2020: The men's rush in rugby week

Tokyo 2020: The men’s rush in rugby week

After the 2016 Olympics, Fiji also won the men’s seven rugby tournament in Tokyo as they defeated the defending world champion New Zealand 27-22 in Wednesday’s final. In the bronze match, Argentina won the silver medal 2016 against the British.

Fiji wins gold in weekly rugby competition (Photo: AFP)

Throughout the final, he led the Fiji team and will surely keep the match under control. In the Five Rings matches five years ago, a fifth of the New Zealanders attempted, but at critical moments they couldn’t run behind and lost the ball in an attack.

And third place went to Argentina after beating Britain 17-12 in the bronze medal match. The Argentines finished sixth at the Olympics five years ago in Rio, while the British were the finalists at that time.

On Thursday, female rugby players will also make their Tokyo Olympics debut, with two rounds of group stage matches on the first day of the competition.

Weekly rally, men

Fiji-New Zealand 12-27
Bronze match
Argentina-Great Britain 17-12

For fifth place:
South Africa-United States of America 7-28
For seventh place:
Australia-Canada 26-7 26
For ninth place:
Kenya– Ireland 22-0
For eleventh place:
Japan-South Korea 31-19

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