Tokyo 2020: In great shape for the reigning Rugby Week champion

Tokyo 2020: In great shape for the reigning Rugby Week champion

On Tuesday, the group stage ended with the masses in the men’s seven rugby tournament at the Tokyo Olympics. In one of these, in the “rematch” of the Rio Five-Year Final, defending champion Fiji defeated Britain again: five years ago, Team Oceanic won 43-7, this time 33-7, winning Group B with a 100% performance.

Fiji Jerry Toai (centre) is cornered by two Britons, Alex Davis (left) and Dan Norton (Photo: AFP)

He is the world champion in Group A. New Zealand In the conclusion, she overtook Australia to 14-12 after the first half from 0-12. In group C. In South AfricaK finished with an impeccable performance first, defeating the American Guard in their last collegiate match.

The top two of the groups, as well as the top two thirds (Australia and Canada), reached the quarter-finals, the matches of which will be played on Tuesday. The Irish turned on Kenya in vain, only at 9-12. They can keep playing for a place.

Taste of the match between Fiji and Great Britain

Video source: Eurosport

Weekly rally, men
Group circle, third round
the group
South Korea 56-0
New Zealand-Australia 14-12
The final result: 1. New Zealand 9 points, 2. Argentina 7, 3. Australia 5, 4- South Korea 3

group b
Japan 36-12
Fiji –Great Britain 7-33
The final result: 1. Fiji 9 points, 2. Great Britain 7, 3. Canada 5, 4- Japan 3

group C
KenyaIreland 7-12
South Africa-United States of America 17-12
The final result: 1. South Africa 9 points, 2. United States 7, 3. Ireland 5, 4. Kenya 3

Extra Tuesday Program
Substitutions in 9-12. FOR PLACE – 2 matches

9.30: Ireland and South Korea
10.00: Kenya and Japan
Quarters – 4 matches
10.30: New Zealand and Canada
11.00: Great Britain and the United States
11.30: South Africa and Argentina
12.00: Fiji – Australia

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The winners (5-12), semi-final, bronze and final competitions will be held on Wednesday.

(Based on MTI.)

National Sports reports on the venue: Erica Smith, Stephen Mirko, Nedilikov, Tamas Andras Socks, Heidi Tombach

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