Tokyo 2020: French and Japanese success in juggling

Tokyo 2020: French and Japanese success in juggling

In addition to five world titles and five European titles, Clarisse Agpegno can now claim to be an Olympic champion, winning a 63-pound fight at the Tokyo Olympics.

Agbegnenou has already won the Olympic gold after his European and World Championships titles (Image: AFP)

The 28-year-old French top class beat Tina Trstenjak in Tuesday’s final, beating her in the Rio 2016 final. The 30-year-old has triumphed once in the Slovenian World Cup and three times in the European Championships.

One of the bronze medals in the weight category was won by Maria Centracio of Italy, farewell to Osbass Sovet in the eighth final.

In the men’s 81kg weight class, Hungarian tatami’s Nagasi Takanori won a gold medal this time after the Rio bronze, defeating Said Mulayj, who became Mongolian, in the final. The latter had to fall back from the quarter-finals as the defending champion at the 2019 World Cup in Tokyo in order not to face his Israeli opponent. Later on, he had to lose the bronze match as well so that he couldn’t stand the podium with the Israeli either. Mulayej has since left his homeland, first obtaining refugee status in Germany and then receiving Mongolian citizenship.

Tokyo 2020
63 kg women

1 – Clarice Agbignino (France)
2 – Tina Trsingak (Slovenia)
3 – Maria Centracio (Italy) and Catherine Beutchmin-Benard (Canada)

Uzbas Szovi is misplaced

81 kg men
1 – Nagasi Takanori (Japan)
2 – Said Mulayj (Mongolia)
3 – Matthias Kaas (Belgium) and Shamil Borschachvili (Austria)

… misplaced Attila Ongvari

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