Tokyo 2020 - daily program on August 2 and Hungarian beginners

Tokyo 2020 – daily program on August 2 and Hungarian beginners

Monday August 2 – Summary

Tamas Lorenc is an Olympic Finalist with a great wrestling

The Hungarian women’s handball team beat Sweden, making it into the top eight, with Norway to be its opponent

Great start with the Hungarian kayak, our 6 units also made it to the semi-finals

We played a tie with the Italians in the water polo match, and we will meet the Croats in the quarter-finals

Daily program / results of the Hungarian competitors

Olympiad on TV

M4 Sport
Athletics, rowing and wrestling
7.15: Women’s handball (Spain – Russia), men’s water polo (Serbia – Montenegro)
9.00: Women’s handball, Hungary-Sweden
11.00: Gymnastics and wrestling
12.30: Athletics, wrestling and beach volleyball

beach volleyball
2.50: Men’s water polo, Hungary and Italy
4.00: Women’s handball (France – Brazil), wrestling
6.40: Women’s basketball, USA and France
8.30: Men’s water polo, Spain and Croatia
9.50: shooting sport
11.00: Bike track, wrestling and gymnastics
12.30: Gymnastics, badminton, show jumping
Weight lifting
15.00: Women’s volleyball, Brazil-Kenya
beach volleyball
feminine Basketball, Nigeria – Japan
beach volleyball
Women’s basketball, USA and France
table tennis
Women’s handball, Spain and Russia national team
9.15: Women’s handball, Hungary-Sweden
12.50: Women’s soccer, Australia – Sweden
15.00: Women’s basketball, Australia – Puerto Rico

Men’s Hammer Throw Qualifiers: Bence Halasz – Did not succeed DrWorld and European bronze medalists Pence Halasz throws.

Knit Men 77 kg
Eighth final: Tamas Lorencz– Ograms role (Moroccan) weight 97 kg – Tamás Lőrincz was in the top eight without a match.
Eighth final: Alex blond– Artur Umarov (Czech) – Alex Blonde reached the quarter-finals with a 3:1 victory.
Quarter-finals: Tamas Lorenz – Gabiko Sui (Japan) – He defeated his Japanese opponent, so Tamas Lorentz will definitely be able to wrestle for a medal.
Quarter-finals: Alex Blonde – Musa Yevloyev (Russia) – Blonde Alex is kidnapped, but in solace she can continue the Olympics.
Semi-finals: Tamás Lőrincz – Geraej Mohammadali (Iran) – Tamás Lőrincz won by 6:5 and reached the Olympic finals

You can read more about Monday’s wrestling matches here.

Looks Dura (Women’s ‘k – 1200m) Preliminaries Dóra Lucz won the second relay and advanced to the semi-finals.
2.44: Anna Karas (Women’s K-1,200m) – Preliminary Round Anna Karas was interested in the third preliminary round, and she finished in second place, so I went ahead.
3.05: Balázs Adolf, Dániel Fejes (Men’s C-2 1000m) – Preliminary – Adolf Weggs finished seventh, so they kept racing.
3.29: Balint Copasz (Men’s K – 1000m) – Preliminary Round – Balent Kubasz confidently won the second preliminary round, so he advanced to the semi-finals.
3.53: Adam Farga (Men’s K-1 1000m) – Preliminary – China’s Chiang eventually caught up, but Udam Varga qualified for the fifth qualifying semi-finals in second place.
4.08: Danuta Cusack and Dora Bodoni (Women’s K – 2500m) – Preliminaries – The duo of Kozák and Bodonyi confidently won their race, so they are in the semi-finals.
4.22: Cebes Tamara, Erika Medveczky (Women’s K – 2500m) – Qualifiers – Csipes and Medveczky both won the race with the best time ever on the track, reaching the semi-finals.
5.22: Balázs Adolf, Dániel Fejes (Men C – 2 1000m) – Hope Race – Balázs Adolf and Dániel Fejes did not reach the semi-finals in the race.

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You can read more about the Monday morning races here!

Hungarian women’s national team: Hungary-Sweden 26-23 – Hungary advanced to the top eight

sports shooting
Men’s Small Rifle Qualifiers: Stephen Benny, Zalan Beckler – Stefan Bini and Zalan Beckler didn’t make it to the finals either.
9.50: finals

Water polo, men
Group A, fifth round
Hungary and Italy 5–5 The Hungarian team ended the group stage with a draw.


table tennis
Team competition
3.00: Men’s Team Finals 4/8 (USA-Sweden, Japan-Australia, France-Singapore, South Korea-Poland)
7.30: Women’s Team 2 Quarter-Final Rounds
12.30: Men’s Teams – Quarter-finals 2

Men’s Hammer Throw – Group A Qualifiers.
2.35: Women’s 1500m third round race
3.20: Men’s Long Jump Final
Men’s hammer throw – Qualifiers, Group B.
Ladies & # 39 ; 200m Preliminary 7
4.50: Women’s 100m Hurdles Final

12.20: Women’s Pole Vault Qualifiers, Group A and Group B
12.25: Women’s 200m Preliminary Rounds – 3 semi-finals
13.00: Women’s discus throw – final
Men’s 400m Flat – 3 semi-finals
13.35: Semi-final rounds 400m damage 3 women
14.15: Men’s 3000m Hurdles Final
14.40: Women’s 5000m final

5.00: Playoff, Israel and South Korea
Qualifiers, Japan and the United States

Woven grip for men 60kg, woven grip for men 130kg, women free grip 76kg consolation
8.30: Men’s handcuffs 77 kg (Tamás Lőrincz), men’s handcuffs 97 kg (Szőke Alex), women’s freestyle 68 kg – Eighth Final, Quarter-finals
11.15: men’s 77kg knitted, men’s 97kg knitted, women’s 68kg freestyle semi-final rounds;
Men’s freestyle 60 kg, 130 kg, women’s 76 kg freestyle – Bronze match, finals

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my quarter
2.30: Germany and Argentina
5.00: Australia and India
11.30: Netherlands and New Zealand
14.00: Spain and Great Britain

kayak canoe
2.30: Women’s Single Kayak (K-1) 200m – Preliminary Rounds 5
2.37: Looks Dura
2.44: Anna Karas
3.05: Canoe Men’s Doubles (K – 2) 1000m – 2 Preliminary Rounds
3.05: Balázs Adolf, Dániel Fejes
3.21: Men’s Single Kayak (K-1) 1000m – 5 Preliminary Rounds
3.29: Balint Copasz
3.53: Adam Farga
4.08: Women’s Kayak Double (K-2) 500m Preliminary Tours
4.08: Danuta Cusack and Dora Bodoni
4.22: Cebes Tamara, Erika Medveczky
5.00: Kayak Individual (K-1) 500m – 3 Rounds Quarter-finals
5.21: Men’s Doubles Quarter-Final Rounds (J-2) 1000m
5.37: Kayak Individual (K-1) 1000m – 3 Rounds Quarter-finals
6.08: Kayak Double (K-2) 500m – 2 Quarter-finals

handball, woman
Group Circle, Round 5
the group
2.00: South Korea – Angola
12.30: Netherlands – Montenegro
Norway and Japan
group b
France and Brazil
7.15: Spain and Russia national team
9.15: Hungary-Sweden

Group circle, third round
group b
3.00: Nigeria and Japan
6.40: France and the United States
group C
10.20: China and Belgium
14.00: Australia – Puerto Rico


United States and Canada
13.00: Australia and Sweden

10.00: horseback riding – showjumping, Team Final and individual qualifications
13.45: Equestrian – Showjumping, Individual Final

Men’s 3m Qualifier

Doubles and Freestyle Qualifiers

bike tracking
Women’s Team Racing Qualifiers
8.54: Women’s Team Qualifiers
9.50: Women’s Team Sprint – Round 1
10.02: Men’s Team Qualifiers
11.00: Women’s team deputies
11.06: Women’s Team Race – Bronze Medal
11.09: Women’s team race final

Group Circle, Round 5
the group
2.00: Serbia and South Korea
12.40: Japan and the Dominican Republic
14.45: Brazil and Kenya
group b
United States and Italy
7.20: Russian national team – Turkey
9.25: China and Argentina

sports shooting
1.30: Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol, Qualifying Round 2
4.30: Men’s 50m Small Rifle Qualifiers (Bickler Zalan, Benny Istvan)
7.30: Men’s Rapid Fire Pistol, 25m – Final
9.50: Men’s Small Free Rifle, 50m Final

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beach volleyball
2.00 and 3.00: Women’s Eight Finals
6.00 and 7.00: men’s round 1
10.00 and 11.00: men’s round 1
2 m and 3 m: men’s round 1

Weight lifting
4.50: Female 87 kg + 87 kg – Group B.
8.50: 87 kg for women – group A.
12.50: +87 kg for women – group A.

6.00: Women’s Double – Bronze Medal Match
Women’s doubles final
Men’s Singles – Bronze Medal Match
Men’s Singles – Final

one finals
10.00: men, ring
10.57: Women, soil
11.51: men jumping

5.05: Women 470 – Race 9 and 10
7.33: 49 women’s medal race
470 Men – Race 9
8.33: 49 men – medal race

Water polo

Group Circle, Round 5
the group
3.00: Hungary
4.30: Greece and the United States
11.20: Japan and South Africa
group b
Serbia and Montenegro
8.30: Spain and Croatia
12.50: Australia – Kazakhstan

Today’s gold medals

Men’s Long Jump – Gold Medal: Miltiadis Tintoglu (Greece)
Women’s 100m Hurdles Gold Medal: Jasmine Camacho Quinn (Puerto Rico)
Women’s discus throw – gold medal: Valary Allman (USA)
Men’s 3000m Hurdles Gold Medal: Sofiane Bakkali (Morocco)
Women’s 5000m Flat – Gold Medal: Sivan Hassan (Netherlands)

Men’s 60kg Knit Gold Medal: Luis Alberto Orta Sanchez
Gold Medal 130kg Men’s Knit: Megan Lopez Nunez
Women’s 76kg gold medal: Alina Rotter Fokin

Equestrian Show Jumping Gold Medal: Julia Kragowski (Germany)
Equestrian showjumping team gold medal: Great Britain

bike tracking
Women’s sprint gold medalist: China

sports shooting
Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Gold Medal: Jean Kouekamboix (France)
Men’s Small Rifle – Gold Medal: Xiang Changhong (China)

Weight lifting
Women’s 87kg gold medal: Wang Zhou (China)
Women’s Gold Medal +87 kg: Li Fen Fen (China)

Women’s Double – Gold Medal: Indonesia
Men’s Singles – Gold Medal: Victor Axelsen

Men’s ring – gold medal: Liu Zhang (China)
Men’s Jump – Gold Medal: Sin Jin-fan (South Korea)
Women’s soil – gold medal: Jade Carey (USA)

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