Tokyo 2020: Canadian gold in the men's 200m flat

Tokyo 2020: Canadian gold in the men’s 200m flat

Like the last three Olympics, a Kenyan rider in Tokyo won the final of the 800m cross-country race. Uganda’s gold in the women’s 3000m hurdles final was born. Andre de Grasse won the gold in the men’s 200m flat. Wojciech Nowicki of Poland won with a hammer throw.

Andre de Grasse has issued instructions to all the Americans behind him (Image: AFP)

The women’s 3000m hurdles final was a surprise to the Ugandans Biruth Shimotai Win, the American on the last lap Courtney Frerericht. The world’s leading Kenyan classic, Beatrice Chipkuch He finished in seventh place.

In the men’s 800m cross-country final, two Kenyan sprinters – Emmanuel Kipkoroy Courier Behind Ferguson Cheriot Rotich receipt. In the three previous Olympiads, Kenya has also succeeded in this matter. Bronze medal for Poland Patrick Dobeck acquired.

Men’s 200m Cross Country Race Andre de Grasse He won, ahead of three American competitors. The Canadian classic won a silver medal in 2016 at the Rio pentathlon.

In a men’s hammer throw, two Poles can stand on the platform. in the first place Wojciech Nowicki Who won the bronze medal at the Rio Olympics. Behind him is the Norwegian Evind Henriksen He became the silver medalist while his compatriot, four-time world champion Paul Fdic You can come home from Tokyo with a bronze medal.

Tokyo 2020
Women’s 3000m obstacle course
Olympic champion:
Peruth Chemutai (Uganda) 9: 01.45
2. Courtney Freirich (US) 9: 04.79
3. Will King (Kenya) 9:05.39
4 – Mikides Abebe (Ethiopia) 9: 06.16
5. Jessa Felicitas Krause (Germany) 9: 14.00
6. Marusa Mismas – Zermusk (Slovenia) 9: 14.84

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Running a 800m men’s plane
Olympic champion:
Emmanuel Kipkoroi Kurier (Kenya) 1: 45.06
2 – Ferguson Cheriot Rotich (Kenya) 1:45:23
3 – Patrick Dubic (Poland) 1:45:39
4. Peter Paul (Australia) 1:45.92
5. Adrian Ben (Spain) 1:45.96
6 – Emil Tuca (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 1:45.98

Running a 200-meter men’s plane
Olympic champion: Andre de Grasse (Canada) 19.62
2. Kenneth Bednarek (USA) 19.68
3. Noah Lyles (USA) 19.74
4 – Aerion Knighton (USA) 19.93
5- Joseph Fahanpoleh (Liberia) 19.98
6. Aaron Brown (Canada) 20.20

men’s hammer
Olympic champion:
Wojciech Nowicki (Lengyelország) 82.52 m
2 – Evind Henriksen (Norway) 81.58
3 – Paul Wadek (Poland) 81.53
4 – Mikhailo Kokan (Ukraine) 80.39
5- Quentin Bigot (France) 79.39
6- Nick Miller (Great Britain) 78.15

Women’s 400m hurdles
Olympic champion:
Sydney McLaughlin (US) 51.46 – world record (old: McLaughlin, 51.90)
2. Dalilah Muhammad (USA) 51.58
3 – FIMK POLL (Netherlands) 52.03
4 – Janeef Russell (Jamaica) 53.08
5 – Anna Ryzhikova (Ukraine) 53.48
6- Victoria Tkasuk (Ukraine)

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