Tokyo 2020: Canada wins the women's soccer tournament on penalties

Tokyo 2020: Canada wins the women’s soccer tournament on penalties

Canada won the women’s soccer tournament at the Tokyo Olympics: in the final, held in Yokohama, they defeated Sweden 3-2 on penalties after a 1-1 draw in regulation and extra time.

Canada wins its first gold medal in women’s soccer! (Photo: István Mirko)

The second and third place finishers at the Rio Olympics get a chance to win the brightest medal at the final in Yokohama. The first half saw the last of the Swedes’ silver medalists edge out, and Canada couldn’t even get a shot on target until the 34th minute, when the Scandinavians took the lead. Kosovar from Aslani’s cross from the right Stena Plaxtenius He shot at the goal from six meters between the legs of Vanessa Giles.

The match became more tied after the break, with a dangerous Canadian attack in the 63rd minute Christine Sinclair inside the penalty area, and the penalty kick was awarded with the help of the video referee Jesse Fleming sold it.

Since the parties could not reach the stadium at the regular time, a third extension of the finals of the Women’s Olympic Football Tournament followed. Above all, Sweden had more opportunities here, but failed to sell them. There was no instance of them not being able to decide the game in 2 x 15 minutes, but now there was a penalty shootout.

Which the Canadians could have more lavishly expected, because they had already managed to win one match during the tournament – in the quarterfinals they invited Brazil (4-3 after 0-0), but the Swedes got the advantage in the third. round (2-1). After that, both teams froze for a while: he missed four penalties in a row. The turning point came when he was in the fifth round Diane Rose He shot under the top left with a great move, and after missing another Swedish penalty Julia Grosso I decided to duel.

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After bronzes in London and Rio, the Canadian women’s team won their first Olympic gold medal — curiously enough, as they won only two of their six matches.

the summary of the match

Source: Eurosport

Tokyo 2020
Football, women
Sweden-Canada 1-1
(from Blackstenius 34 and Fleming 68-11) – 2-3 with 11 seconds to go

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