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Tokyo 2020: Bodonyira is now being heard

Tokyo 2020: Bodonyira is now being heard

In Tokyo, Dóra Bodonyi, a gold medalist in four and a bronze in a pair, feels that her piety also contributed to the fact that others didn’t think of her, she could take her to win five rings. The kayaker would achieve the greatest success of his career without fanfare.

Danuta Cusack (from left), Tamara Sipes, Anna Karasz and Dora Bodoni have proven that our team is the strongest country (Photo: Hadi Tombash)

– While we can learn about the program of most of the Tokyo champions on a daily basis from social media, the latest post on your Facebook page exemplifies the fact that you have become an Olympic champion. How have the past few weeks evolved?

Dóra Bodonyi, a kayak from the Szolnok Kayak Canoe Club, who won a gold medal at the Tokyo Games in pairs with the four and Danuta Cusack, responded. – I don’t like fuss, it’s good for me at home in Szolnok. I also receive invitations to events, I meet with one or the other, but I like to experience my joy among my loved ones and friends.

A few days after the victory, he received medals of infidelity. Why did it feel so unreal that you became an Olympic champion?
Infidelity stems from my professional career. Although I am a five-time world champion and six-time European champion, many times I have felt that not only do I trust that I have such an achievement, but that others do not. It was a good confirmation as I entered the quad, but it seemed unlikely that I was a champ when I got the gold around my neck. Certainly my strengthening also contributed to others not being considered as possible. Too often I push myself into the background, I can’t sell, and I perform myself like everyone else, it’s my fault. But for many other reasons, I felt like that wouldn’t work for me. When he was shown the Alliance’s Instagram page in front of the picker, who he’s hoping to have this season, they wrote next to my name, “It’s going to be so hard.” A “Come!” It was better for me too, anyway it was a little poke…

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– As the winner of five episodes, you can have more confidence!
– My character will not change anymore, but it is true that the league title may make some change. That day, I was listening to an interview with Tamara Sipes, who put it this way: I became an Olympic champion on Wednesday, and her opinion has been in place since Thursday, and it really is. Since the Olympics, a contentious issue has been raised among peers and my opinion has been asked about it – never before. When I become an Olympic gold medalist, I can take my word for it, and if they really care and listen to my word, it can give me a sense of confidence.

What was the state of mind for the quartet on the last day of the race when the three hit the last number behind with disappointing results?
“We didn’t sit down to talk or anything like that, because after the couple got off with Danuta, he immediately went over to the person and did what he wanted in him. There was no time to get excited and find out what the problem was. I was in a room with Anna Kárász, it was good that I see it hasn’t been smeared, although it certainly wasn’t her goal to be in the B final in the K-1200m… She totally confirmed it. That’s why it does it all. It was nice to feel that attitude. I also gave Unity confidence In that two of the top four places in the singles competition and the bronze medal for the pair also sat in the Hungarian boat.We also proved that we are still the strongest country on the team.

– By the way, third place! In a women’s kayak, a silver or bronze piece ends up in the dark corner of the closet and doesn’t get out of there for long. What happened to you?
“Both my coins are stacked on the sofa, I literally arranged them, they are on a plaid. Sometimes I hit both. Gold is closer to my heart, but today I revalue bronze too. It helped me a lot to see how happy the other members of the Hungarian delegation were with the same result. I felt How happy the water polo boys – who also wanted to win – or Kovac Sasse who took the bronze five times, I was a little ashamed of myself and asked the question: Can I really not appreciate it? After all, I worked the same way to get that medal, except That the competition was not planned that day.This sport, you have to make someone better than you on that day, this must be accepted.

– How do you plan for the near future? Will you allow yourself a more restful year, or will everything continue as usual?
“I’ve been the best in Tokyo for the past five years, both physically and mentally, but now I’m really tired. I want a year where kayaking might not be a priority, but then I’ll continue my journey. Even by the time of the Paris Olympics, I’ll only be turning 30” .

Program Not a Dream: For the Olympics World Cup
Members of the Tokyo team were not able to relax much, because in an unusual way in sports, they hold a world championship after the five-ring games: the fight will take place on September 15-19. It is home to Copenhagen. The World Cup team will be formed partly on the results of the Olympics and partly on the results of the national championships at the end of the week.
“I’m not saying it’s my life dream to run through another four weeks after the Olympics, but I’m trying to get close to that so that racing again is really good. It would have bothered me if I didn’t get out of my kidneys or disease had prevented me from starting to fight” Dora Bodoni said about the upcoming tasks.
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