Tokyo 2020: An Italian runner also won the 20km walk

After the men’s 20km walk, the women won an Italian gold medal over a similar distance in Sapporo, the site of the walking competitions. The gold medal was won by Antonella Palmisano against Sandra Arenas of Colombia and Liu Hong of China.

Antonello Palmisano won a gold medal (Photo: AFP)

after men An Italian rider in the women’s 20 km run also won: Antonella Palmisano She won by a big margin, but there was a big battle for second place with the Brazilian Erica Senna, Which in turn finished in eleventh place only. And so silver fell into the bosom of Arenas, Colombia, and the Chinese world leader, Liu Hong He was also allowed to stand on the podium.

For a long time among Hungarian novices Madarász Viktória He stood better, but a few miles before the finish, he unfortunately had to give up the race at the end. Barbara Kovacs He was slower, but ended up in 46th place with a difference of more than 12 minutes.

Tokyo 2020
Athletics, women walking 20 km
1 – Antonella Palmisano (Italy) 1:29:12 pm
2. Sandra Arenas (Colombia) 1:29:37
3. Liu Hong (China) 1:29:57
4. Maria Pérez (Spain) 1:30:05
5. Alegna Gonzalez (Mexico) 1:30:33
6. Jemima Montag (Australia) 1:30:39

46 – Barbara Coves 1:41:49
VIKTORIA MADARÁSZ has not reached the finish line

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