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Together at night: Zsófi Szabó photographed with the Hungarian soccer star – Portrait

Together at night: Zsófi Szabó photographed with the Hungarian soccer star – Portrait

Recently, Zsófi Szabó has been linked to many celebrities, but perhaps no one expected that the name of a sports star could appear in this thread. It is rumored that the beautiful presenter partied with one of the football players of the Hungarian national team, in a surprisingly good mood …

Photo: Ripost/National Sport
They got together

He was partying with a soccer star

the other day on reddit A recording appeared, according to which Zsovet spent the night with the 22-year-old football player of the Hungarian national team. The photo clearly shows that he’s a really nice presenter, and even though the sports star is standing with his back, it’s easy to tell from his features that he’s Dominik Szoboszlai. It is not known exactly when the photo was taken, but the two celebrities certainly enjoyed each other’s company. No wonder the commentators’ fantasies were instantly sparked by what they saw, many of them dumbfounded together, but the truth was, Dominic’s heart was occupied. His chosen one is none other than the blonde-haired beauty Fanny Jeczyk, who looks surprisingly like Zsovi Szabo.

Well, now we can say that Zsófika is attracted to young people?

someone asked, while another commenter implicated Shin Tosoob.

“Well, taller than a Tusop boy…” – joked.

Photo: Reddit
According to the photo, Zsófi Szabó and Dominik Szoboszlai were partying together

It was also discussed with his young colleague

Zsófi was paired not only with Dominik, but also with a similar young star. In January of this year, a rumor spread that he might be very close to one of his classmates, none other than 26-year-old David Miller. There’s no denying that there is a spark between them, the chemistry works great when they host a show together, and they mysteriously message each other on social media.. Fan imaginations really took off when Zsófi sent Dávid a heart, and many people concluded that there could actually be more than one working relationship here. Even beautiful celebrities Insulting a colleague lives …

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One morning Zsovy explained that he really liked visiting his colleagues, and then addressed David the following lines:

“Well, when it’s you, less, but whatever.” – he declared, and then his host began to constantly wonder if what he said was really true.

Listen, there are many presenters here, and after all, you’re at the end of the line for me

– came the answer, and Miller replied: He used to be at the end of the gymnastics lines. Of course, the viewers were angry about the incident and after watching the comments, they haven’t reconciled with Zsofi since then…

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