together again?  Krisztián Zámbó exe made a surprising statement

together again? Krisztián Zámbó exe made a surprising statement

Krisztian Zámbó And the Zsuzzi He was already planning to get married and start a family when he came out of the sky like a bolt of lightning The news has been announcedTo end their relationship after 11 years. The singer noted that the breakup was not due to a third party, but because they have changed a lot and already have different ideas about their future.

Photo: Istvan Moresh

“Zsuzsi and I haven’t been together for three weeks, and that’s not going to change. We broke up without a quarrel, no boyfriend and no woman in it. We felt like this thing wasn’t working anymore because we had different ideas about the future. We had 11 years in it all. We lived as best we could. 11 years is really a lot of time in a relationship. It has changed a lot too, and I think Zsuzsi has changed a lot too. You don’t know much about our privacy, how we live, because we’ve always tried to set an example of how model our relationship is.” explained earlier the singer, But the fans will not be left alone. So much so that on Zsuzsi’s Instagram page, his followers noticed that he sent a mail from Krisztián’s apartment, so during a question-and-answer session he was asked:

Is it possible that the current photos were taken in Krisztián’s apartment? Someone wrote and the answer came.

“How attentive?” – answered Zsuzska, who also clarified another question: In the future, Krisztián will also attend her performances.

Yes, we worked together, Krisztián is a real gentleman, who can handle things in place. There are times when it turns out that we’ll perform together He wrote, and fans hoped it was a temporary smile between the two.

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