Today’s number: 420 billion HUF

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We’ll start with a little behind-the-scenes: While it’s hard to decide what deserves the “Number of the Day” moniker at times, this Monday it was easy. It is not a matter of how

Today’s number: 420 billion HUF.

This is how much the government has spent on sport under various legal titles – even at the expense of the Economic Restart Fund. According to our colleague’s group, the majority of the funds were used for sports and competitive sports facilities, which means that the government, when it comes to sports, does not favor the development and expansion of team sports and recreational sports.

Although the amount is incomprehensible even at first glance, in order to get a better sense of its size, on the one hand, we recall that this is a daily expenditure of HUF 1.1 billion. on the other side

  • This is double what the government expects this year as income from the family tax (198 billion),
  • hardly more than the government plans to spend on family benefits this year (that’s 401 billion HUF),
  • And about four times as much as the government allocates for unemployment benefits this year (105 billion).

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