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Today, the Holy Father celebrates Mass in Kossutt Square

Today, the Holy Father celebrates Mass in Kossutt Square

The soon-to-begin Divine Liturgy and the prayer of Regina Caeli – Queen of Heaven – in Kossuth Square can also be considered a highlight of Pope Francis’ three-day apostolic trip to Hungary. The believers’ entry was continuous since the dawn of dawn to the designated part of the square, and those who arrived later could follow the celebration on projectors and sound systems from the surrounding streets.

Mass begins at half past ten, and the Regina Cayley prayer is recited after the Holy Father’s homily.

Those who cannot enter Kossuth Square can follow the ceremony through giant projectors. Photo: Miklós Teknős

You can enter from six in the morning

Detailed program published by Magyar Kurír according to

Admission of the faithful to Kossuth Square begins at six in the morning, and the superintendent-led program begins at seven.

Approaching the Liturgy in Kossuth Square

Videos about Pope Francis and the Holy Father’s teachings and messages are shown. Then the solemn song of the papal visit will be played, Martin Wiese And David Auguston Toth CaminoSinger-songwriter Tamas Toldi and composer Gergely Vallinkas composed for the occasion Hungarian beggar 2023 Authored by.

The arrival of the Holy Father will be preceded by a common rosary from half past eight, and between the recitation of the tithes we will have different instrumentalists representing all kinds of church music.

The Erdődy Chamber Orchestra, a school for three junior priests from the Central Institute for the Education of Priests, and the Chapel Theresiana of St. casual squad, which was composed of pioneers from local Christian bands and worship formations. Members: Zsolt Borka, László Csiszér, András Gável, Gellért Gável, Lajos Nagy, Jenő Sillye, Gergő Sillye, Gábor Sillye, Bence Simon, Antalya Takács, Attila Varga, Emese Varga and Levente. Organist Dennis Harmath prepares with improvisation.

The Holy Father will be touring the popemobile arena from 9 am.

Pope Francis in a popemobile at the International Eucharistic Conference in 2021 in Hősök Square Photo: Árpád Kurucz

During this time, the Opera House orchestra, in addition to the aforementioned combined choir, will perform for the first time; Then they will also serve during the festive mass, which begins at half past ten. Among other things, Cesar Franck will speak at the ceremony Panless AngelicosFerenc Liszt You and PetrosSergey Rachmaninoff Bogoroditsy devoMarco Fresina Rogamos te supplements and Zoltan Kodaly galactic cluster His work is titled

Multifunctional liturgical space

In the days preceding the papal visit, complex work was carried out on Kossuth Square: catacombs were built, tribunes worked, gardeners and industrial mountaineers worked, the law enforcement team conducted a field survey, and the huge platform, which also houses the altar, the multifunctional liturgical space was taken over By the designers and organizers of the program – Magyar Courier reported on the preparations in the aforementioned article.

Theater manager Rita Boksak told Catholic News Portal while the works were still in progress:

The thirty-six-meter-wide main stage and the fourteen-meter-wide smaller stage for the performers are erected in front of Kossuth’s sculptural group. Kossuth Square can seat approximately 27-28 thousand people, and there will be approximately five thousand seats in the protocol sector located to the side of Parliament and in front of the stage.

Divine Liturgy in Kossuth Square during the 2021 Catholic World Meeting Photo: Árpád Kurucz

A separate sector was created for the 320-person choir and 50-member orchestra at the Opera House. This large choir, which includes the choirs of many parishes Father Laszlo VargaDirector of the National Cecilia-Hungarian Society (OMCE) and Colonel Ferenc SabzonZoltán Kodály, Founder and Artistic Director of the Hungarian Choral School.

The main arena of the nation

Kossuth Lajos tér in Budapest is not only the capital but also the country’s “main square”.

The most famous building on the square, which has been completely renovated step by step in the last decade, is the Parliament, whose view, high towers and neo-Gothic style still impress today.

Other important buildings on the square include the Ministry of Agriculture, the Palace of Justice, and the Wellisch House. Statues on the square commemorate famous Hungarians of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. On October 25, 1956, hundreds of peaceful demonstrators were killed when Soviet and state defense forces fired on them. Men, women, the elderly and children also lost their lives on the spot. This was the bloodiest event of the revolution in Budapest. Today, the square is a popular place for visiting tourists, and the statues and monuments here, including the Monument to National Unity, symbolizing the unity of the Hungarian nation torn apart by the Trianon Peace Decree, are a place of remembrance.

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