Today, Rebecca Stoll is in the boss's favorite childhood spot

Today, Rebecca Stoll is in the boss’s favorite childhood spot

We met Rebecca Stoll at Külvárosi Kávéház, located not far from the center of Újpest, where she welcomed us with a smile and in traditional waiter attire. The 25-year-old works in the coffee shop every day from morning to evening as a shop manager and server.

This place was very important to my family, they were regular guests at the height of the place. I was very young when we used to go here, but I remember a lot of things: how we came here with my sister and my mother, where I sat … I have a lot of memories of the delicious food and nice staff here

– said the for metropol Rebeka, who wants to recreate the same environment they could experience here a long time ago.

Restaurant opening soon, Rebeka Stohl runs the place with her family and friends. An important goal was to preserve the original atmosphere of the café.

I think it was just wallpapering, which the previous owner did, but we insisted everything looked the same as before. We really like this retro style, which unfortunately is not available in our country anymore

He said.

Radical changes to the menu of the soon-to-be-opened restaurant are not planned. All previous favorites will be on the menu, especially the famous Hogwarts pancakes and Barber’s soup.

We stuck to a few signature dishes, but we also wanted to introduce a more modern world. We are really looking forward to when the restaurant will open

Rebekah went down.

There will also be cultural programs in the café

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Many world stars have visited Külvárosi Kávéház, and Rebekás certainly wants to continue the cultural streak as well. – We plan an evening of reading and invite famous artists to joint discussions. We really miss such shows in today’s world, Rebeka said, where we can listen to and talk to valuable and interesting people.

His father is also very proud of him

Rebeka spends her free time working at Café Újpest, which makes her father and the whole family proud of her. – My mom has coffee here every morning, she eats her little croissants, she drinks espresso, and dad comes over whenever he has time. My adoptive parents are also always here, they are very kind, always encourage me and are proud of me – Andras Stoll’s daughter revealed.

World stars met each other at Külvárosi Kávéház The Kulvárosi Kávéház, built in 1994, looks back already on serious history. Its previous owner, László Borbély, was a good friend of Ragályi Award-winning cinematographer Elemér Kossuth, and many celebrities have visited the café, including Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Larry Hagman, and Michael York. Portraits of famous guests adorn the walls. The café reopened at the beginning of November under the leadership of Rebecca Stoll and Sibby Zelvia.

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