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Today Majdi Rosa's twins are six months old: in their new photo, the three are lounging on the playing mat - Hazai Stár

Today Majdi Rosa’s twins are six months old: in their new photo, the three are lounging on the playing mat – Hazai Stár

time is running out Majdi lipstick Her triplets are six months old. They were born at the 34th week of pregnancy, on the 1st of February, and were able to come home from the hospital three weeks later.

Since then, they have been growing so well, the singer said in the spring that she could not hold all three children on her lap at the same time, even if only because of their weight. No need, she has help besides her husband, they have already warmed up during pregnancy so that the two of them are not enough to take care of the children.

Magdy Roza’s six-month-old baby

In her latest post, the 36-year-old showed off her three children: Kev, Lugza and Zalan lounging on the play mat. He shared with his followers: “I love that they are really big and moving and laughing.”

Commentators noted that six-month-old babies are lying on their stomachs, gently holding their little heads. There was one who guessed which one of the singer’s little girls was: the kid on the left is wearing patterned submarine kicks, the kid in the middle is dressed in all-white, and the kid on the right is wearing striped pants and flowery kicks.

At the end of May, Magdy Reda for the first and last time published a photo of her three children.

Spah . twins

Who doesn’t remember the Sepah twins? The popular series of the ’90s, Família Kft. Dávid Spáh and Károly Spáh played csíbés Szép Misi and Ricsi. They are now adults, in their forties, and have been running a joint film company for the past ten years.

Cover photo: Instagram / Magdy Roza

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