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Today it’s incredible how cool it was in the big cities of America in the 1960s
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Today it’s incredible how cool it was in the big cities of America in the 1960s

What if a truck towed your swimming pool to a poor part of town? Believe it or not, there was actually an example of this.

Summer may be more devastating than ever, but there have always been strong heat waves, especially in the big cities, where the heat island effect added to the heat.

In the America of the 60s, a solution was used that is incredible today: mobile swimming pools were sent to one part of the city.

The so-called “pools” (mobile swimming pools) were towed by truck to one place at a time, mainly to places where there was no real pool in the area, helping residents of poorer or better equipped neighborhoods.

Swim buggies were very popular: after being pulled over by a truck, they stood in one place all day, and then were pulled away in the evening.

Nowadays it is believed that no office(s) will allow these mobile swimming pools, as safety standards are usually becoming more stringent. It’s not a bad idea at all…

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