To stay where we left off - get ready for the bike ride!

To stay where we left off – get ready for the bike ride!

Cycling is the fastest way to get around the city, we can get to our destination quickly and in a shorter way in urban and suburban traffic.

It is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the air, so in addition to exercising, our environment is improving, air pollution and noise pollution are reduced.

You can make your flight more flexible and faster, and it is easier to stand up to it, but do not forget about proper protection! Please accept the following advice:

Don’t leave your bike unlocked for a moment!
“Jump to the store for a minute” is not a safe solution, and transporting an unlocked bike only takes a minute!

Don’t leave a moving value on the bike!
Bring a flashlight, water bottle, pump, or other accessory that’s easy to carry around with you, as this is valuable.

Use only good quality, strong locks!
As a rule, the value of the bike is approx. Let’s spend 10%. DURABLE SOLID STEEL LOCKS WORTH TO BUY – U-Lock or Steel Eye Chain. Flexible steel wires and ridge pads are easily compressed regardless of thickness.

For parking, choose a visible and crowded place with a camera!
Pedestrians and the camera can be a deterrent to thieves.

Put the bike next to the other bikes!
The perfect place is the bicycle storage room. Due to the multiplicity of bikes, the thief will have less space and have difficulty using his tools. Finally, other two-wheeled drivers could easily confuse thieves if they were just going to ride their bike.

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Just lock on something fixed!
Do not tie the bike to a tree that can be cut down or lifted.

Attach the bike frame to the lock, not just to the wheel! A special lock for the rear wheel can also be installed.
Use a double lock to ensure your safety. A horseshoe lock that completely locks the rear wheel and a chain that attaches the bike to an object.

Try to lock it off the ground.
If the lock is close to the ground, it will be easier for the thief to cut it with a cutter forcefully, because in this way you can press one end to the ground and press the other end with its full weight.

Fill in the lock!

If there is a lot of space inside the U-lock, it can be opened easily, so it is important to have as little space as possible inside the lock. Surprisingly, more than half of the bikes stolen were not ridden on the open street, but from garages, basements, stairways, and the inner courtyard of condominiums.

+1 tip

Keep your bike locked indoors!

The enclosed corridor and yard is not a special obstacle for a thief, moreover, the enclosed space has many advantages. You need to keep the offender out of the traffic, you can work hidden here, and you have a chance to use bigger and bigger tools. You can also lock your bike in a lockable bike storage room inside the cellar.

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