To Biden, Kim Jong-un: Hello

To Biden, Kim Jong-un: Hello

US President Joe Biden said during a visit to the US air base in Osan, South Korea, accompanied by the new South Korean leader, that Washington is ready for any move by Pyongyang and is not concerned about a possible nuclear attempt by the North Korean regime. Jeon Suk Gul.

Biden stressed that Washington is still open to dialogue. When asked if he was sending anything to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Biden replied with just one word, “Hello!”

In a joint press conference with the South Korean president earlier, Biden said he would only meet with Kim Jong-un in person if the North Korean leader was honest and serious, but did not explain how that might turn out.

He also added at the time that he offered US assistance to North Korea to fight the coronavirus epidemic, but received no response.

North Korea has tested long-range ballistic missiles several times this year. Washington and Seoul also fear that, amid stalled nuclear disarmament talks, the communist country may resume testing nuclear weapons, which it abandoned in 2017. (MTI)

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