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Tired of your black Xbox?  Then pack it up!

Tired of your black Xbox? Then pack it up!

Instead of issuing a unique console for each game, Xbox allows you to customize Series Xs in a different way.

It seems that console manufacturers are finally realizing that it is a good idea to give gamers the ability to customize their hardware according to their individual tastes. We’ve been able to purchase colorful PlayStation 5 side panels for some time, and now Xbox owners can also redesign their black console with something similar.

Microsoft announced that Xbox Series X Console Wraps will arrive this year, in which you can basically wrap the console, making it unique.

Among the first three members of the lineup are two terrain modes and a starfield mode, which perfectly matches the already released console and headset. The packaging doesn’t cover the top and bottom of the Series X, nor does it cover the entire back for easy access to the connectors—they’re not visible anyway when facing a wall.

The Starfield Console Wrap will be available from October 18th for €49.99, while Mineral Camo will arrive in Europe on November 10th for €44.99. The Arctic Camo version only seems to make residents of the US and Canada happy. At the moment it is not clear if we will be able to order from Hungary as well, or if Xbox means something different than we do in Europe.

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