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Tired of mosquitoes?  We show you the most effective home tips

Tired of mosquitoes? We show you the most effective home tips

There are some plants with special properties that help repel mosquitoes and other insects. Thanks to their fragrance, oil or ingredients, they succeed in protecting the garden, the balcony or even the skin from mosquito bites. It’s important to note that individual sensitivities and environmental factors can affect its effectiveness, so it’s worth experimenting with it to find the best solution for you.

It can also be used in cocktails

The strong scent of lemongrass leaves, in addition to scaring away mosquitoes, has a calming effect on people. It is a flavor often used in cocktails along with mint, but be sure to wash it well before adding it.

Trim regularly

Basil is very popular in Italian cuisine, but few people know that it can also be effective against mosquitoes. If you prune the seedling regularly, not only will it grow faster, but the scent will also be more intense, so the effect can be stronger.


Do you live on it?

Not only does thyme fight garden mosquitoes, but it is also effective against other pests, such as the cabbage fly. In addition, thyme has a natural pain relieving effect. An excellent herb for meat, mushroom and tomato dishes.

Essential oil instead of a spray

It is no coincidence that lavender is a favorite of many, because it is the highlight of your garden with its wonderful color, and the fact that it keeps mosquitoes away is the icing on the cake. In addition, lavender oil has a calming and stress-relieving effect and can help you sleep well. You can also try it in the form of a candle. If you don’t like the smell of standard mosquito sprays, you can also apply lavender oil to your skin.

Showy table decoration

Vampires do not like the strong smell of rosemary, so they generally avoid it. The floral version can, in addition to repelling winged insects, be a showy table decoration, a really practical solution for a garden party.

blooms every month

In addition to mosquitoes, marigolds keep cabbage moths and aphids away. Additionally, marigold flowers are edible and can add beautiful color and flavor to salads or other dishes. It got its name from the Latin word “calendae”, which means “first day of the month”, because due to the long flowering of the plant, buds can be found on it every month. You can safely plant them near our delicate plants so they can ward off pests with their strong scent.

The most effective oil

You can safely use eucalyptus oil on your skin as a mosquito repellent. According to new research, lemon and eucalyptus oil is one of the most effective remedies against vampires. Its effect usually lasts for three hours, but it also depends on the skin type.

Natural repellent

Petrine, a natural insect repellent, is extracted from chrysanthemum flowers. This material effectively keeps mosquitoes away. Our country is famous as a cemetery flower.

It’s growing fast

The fresh scent of mint and catnip is pleasant to us, but mosquitoes really hate it. Peppermint oil contains natural insect repellents and is found in many cosmetics and insect repellent products. If you plant it in the ground, take care of it regularly, because it can suddenly multiply a lot.

To treat bites

Yarrow oil or extract effectively repels mosquitoes while soothing and rejuvenating the skin, so it can be ideal for treating bites.

It reduces inflammation

The neem tree is a plant native to India and the advantage is that most insects hate it, so they prefer to avoid it. Products made from the seeds, leaves, and extracts of the neem tree are also effective against mosquitoes. In addition, the oil made from it is traditionally used for skin and hair care, as it has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Distinctive scent

The small oval leaves of the cock’s spur are dotted with green, white or crimson-purple, which emits a distinctive camphor odor. Therefore, not only mosquitoes, but also flies and moths avoid the place where they grow.

detector name

True to its name, the stink bug or velvet flower repels insects. The small, mostly light yellow star has a strong odor. It is worth planting between our other plants so that pests do not appear.

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