Tips on Rooming With Your Best Friend

Going to college for the first time is always a super exciting experience and returning from the following semester is even more lit because you’re no longer a freshman!

Signing that lease and writing down your BFF as your roommate can be thrilling thinking about all of the sleepovers, late night talks, and turning up together but if the two of you aren’t a good roomy match, it won’t be all fun and games. Rooming with your best friend can either be a college dream come true or nightmare from hell. Many friends go through a tough time when rooming together that just naturally happens because rooming with your friends is completely different from living with them.

Follow our tips and living with your Day 1 will be a blast that will last throughout the year.

Set house rules.


When rooming with anyone straight out of your parent’s house it’s very important to set rules for the room.  Everyone has expectations and a daily routine that needs to be discussed so that way you guys can be on the same page and avoid petty arguments.

Some things that need to be cleared up when sharing a space are:

  • Who will clean what and when?
  • How will company be regulated?
  • How do you feel about the opposite sex in the room?
  • Are we sharing food, clothes, etc.?
  • What is your daily schedule like?

So after decorating and after the hype has died down, it’s important to discuss how each of you will handle the space you’re responsible for. Setting order also gives you order in the house and make sure that your roommate is comfortable with everything.

Find other friends outside of the room.

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Just because you came in as best friends doesn’t mean you have to be each other’s ONLY friend. It’s great to find your own set of friends so that way you don’t get tired of each other (because you will.) Sometimes it feels great to experience a day full of events and coming home to tell your roommate. College is all about networking and meeting new people and if you and your bestie are so obsessed with each other, you are going to both miss out on the opportunity to meet some great people.


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Coming in and out of the room because of your hectic schedules, sometimes you can forget to talk to your roommate… which is normal! Just make sure you are communicating to prevent drifting or confusion.  If you have a problem, talk about it in person instead of via text messages where things can get sticky. Also, address problems as they occur rather than letting it linger on your mind and having that issue build up.  Rooming with someone who is as close as you as your best friend can be tricky because you care about them and their feelings and you want to everything to come with ease, but that isn’t life.  Understand that you all will not agree on everything but as long as you compromise and settle the issues once they come at hand, everything will be fine.

Rooming with your best friend can be an experience of a lifetime that you will remember forever if you follow the tips of communication, setting those ground rules, and learning that your best friend doesn’t have to be your only friend.  Get ready for all the late-night turn ups and talks with that roommate that will the whole year go by smooth!

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